This was along time coming. For the past two years i have been working towards my goal of openning a hobby shop/online store.  Finally in 2016 i got ahead of what was going on and was able to start going to Anime cons as a Vendor. But tragedy hit my family as my Father passed away suddenly.  In one day i lost my best friend and lost my will to move forward with my business. But i moved on and went to Popcult Anime con in Framingham Mass and had a small table there. Then i spent two months ordering product for our next Anime Con which was AAC or Another Anime Con in Manchester, NH. We did very well and i was able to prove to my family that this was a business i was good at. So i have been getting ready and now our online store is ready to go and from the Wizzards Tower we hope you will give us a chance and enjoy your stay.